Hi, I'm Filippo

I am a Brescian by adoption but originally from Sicily. In the city center I opened The Rabbit Stool, a small shop selling objects, furnishing accessories and small furniture, with a careful eye on sustainability, artisanal production and recovery.

The Rabbit Stool also wants to be a container for artisanal and local productions, a showcase for many small local and non-local businesses. This translates into unique, personalized and customizable pieces. Together with the productions of refined brands that embrace the philosophy and style of the shop.

The goal of The Rabbit Stool is to offer articles with a story that I hope to pass on to you. Follow me on social media, come and visit me, buy directly from the site or contact me for any information! See you soon

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  • Mars 21

    I met Maria almost by chance, with a sponsor on Instagram when The Rabbit Stool was just an idea.

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  • Glori

    Marco was the first to board this adventure, ours the first aperitif with the future artisans.

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  • Frangi

    Francesca has always been there and this is just our umpteenth collaboration. Friends even before colleagues

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